Your best friend raves about her new Amazonite. You compliment your co-worker’s necklace and she tells you it's a Moonstone. You are scrolling through Insta and you see a beautiful picture of a brightly colored stone labeled Watermelon Tourmaline

If you feel yourself mysteriously drawn to crystals, you are not alone! The interest in crystals has been on the rise for the last two decades and for good reason. Crystals are beautiful, useful, and fun to collect. Crystals, minerals, and gemstones carry thousands - and in some cases millions - of years of Earth history. This imbeds them with natural healing energy that is said to improve your life in many ways.

Meditating with crystals | Sedona Crystal Vortex

Crystals can be used to boost your meditation practices, cleanse your home, align your chakras, amplify your manifestations, and raise your vibrational frequency. Some types of crystals have been shown to block nuclear radiation and electromagnetic frequency (EMF) pollution, increase the growth and health of plants, and improve mood and even physical performance. Crystals come from every continent and are used all over the world, for both traditional and new-age practices.

If you need help getting started, check out this guide for the ten crystals that are absolutely perfect for beginners.

Ten Crystals for Beginners

  1. Amethyst for Meditation

Amethyst is a calming crystal with a high vibrational energy. It is said to activate the Crown Chakra, making it a perfect stone for inspiration and spiritual guidance. Amethyst can be held during meditation to increase understanding and personal power or worn throughout the day to boost intuition.

Amethyst Point Crystals for beginners | Sedona Crystal Vortex

  1. Black Tourmaline for Protection

One of the most powerful protection stones, Black Tourmaline is an excellent choice for empaths. Black Tourmaline is believed to protect against physical threats, such as environmental or EMF pollution, as well as spiritual threats, such as manipulative people or psychic vampires (people who leave you feeling drained).

Black Tourmaline Crystal Formation | Sedona Crystal Vortex

  1. Citrine for Joy and Confidence

Citrine is a happiness stone with a warming energy. Sometimes called “Vitamin Citrine” or “Crystal Vitamin C,” carrying a Citrine with you is like carrying a tiny piece of sunshine. Wear a Citrine stone when your confidence is shaken or when you are feeling down for an instant boost.


  1. Fluorite for Healing

Fluorite is a healing stone which is believed to be effective against many medical conditions. Place a fluorite against the forehead for a headache, create a cold and flu elixir by dropping a fluorite in your water bottle, or simply carry one in your pocket for overall good health.

Fluorite Point Crystals for Beginners | Sedona Crystal Vortex

  1. Garnet for Vitality

Garnet activates the low chakras, igniting creativity, sensuality, and passion. It is said to ease the flow of vital life energy known in various spiritual practices as Prana, Orgone, Chi, or Qi. Garnet is an excellent stone to wear during physical exertion, such as on a hike or during yoga practice.


  1. Labradorite for Psychic Gifts

Labradorite is a unique stone composed of layered minerals which refract light and create a rainbow of iridescence. It is believed to be an excellent stone for intuition, inspiration, cosmic knowledge, and psychic gifts. 

  1. Pyrite for Good Fortune

Pyrite has been called “Fool’s Gold” for its brassy gold color. But while it might not be worth as much as gold, it is said to be a talisman of good fortune. Pyrite should be carried when you are manifesting money, career opportunities, or other elements of good fortune.

  1. Rose Quartz for Compassion and Love

Rose Quartz is a powerful heart stone. Carry a Rose Quartz with you to bring love to all things in your life. It is perfect for any type of relationship, whether it be romantic, family, friend, self-love, or Universal love.

  1. Selenite for Cleansing

Selenite is named for the Moon Goddess Selene, so it is the perfect stone to charge in the moonlight. Selenite is thought to be a potent stone for cleansing the energy of a person, place, or thing. Place a piece of Selenite near your front door to purify outside energies before entering your home, gently wave a Selenite wand around yourself to clear your mind, or leave it near your other crystals to clear them of negative energy. 

  1. Sodalite for Communication

Sodalite is a blue and white stone that is said to activate the throat chakra, making it an excellent stone for communication. Carry a sodalite when you need to give a presentation, have a difficult discussion with someone, or just to improve your conversation skills.

Getting Started

One important thing to remember when using crystals is that there really is no wrong way to use them. Oftentimes, a certain stone will draw you in. Listen to your intuition and choose what feels right to you. Start with a couple crystals, alternate which ones you use and see how they make you feel. 

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