How Crystals Heal

For centuries crystals have been used to help in healing a wide variety of issues. The individual characteristics of each type of crystal give it a particular internal structure which makes it resonate at a unique frequency. The different resonances of each crystal give them certain healing properties according to healers who work with crystals. The human body also has a frequency of vibration which can be affected by stress, illness, or disease. Crystal healers use particular crystals to help realign and restore the energetic system of the body to balance thus helping the body to return to a natural state of wellness.

There are many methods of using crystals for healing including the following:

  • Crystals can be placed at specific energetic points or meridians on the body
  • Crystals can be swept over certain areas using a crystal wand or pendulum
  • Crystals may be worn or carried to gently alleviate specific conditions
  • Certain crystals are used specifically for Chakra healing and alignment

Let’s take a look at some specific issues in which crystals are utilized to facilitate the healing process.

Trouble Sleeping or Staying Asleep

In order to determine the correct crystal to use the cause of the inability to sleep must be identified first. Some experimentation may also be necessary as certain crystals may work well for one person but not another. If the cause of the insomnia is a result of eating too much and being too full before bed moonstone or iron pyrite could help to calm the stomach.

If your difficulties sleeping arise from worry, anxiety, or tension crystals like amethyst, rose quartz, citrine, or chrysoprase may be placed under the pillow or beside one’s bed to help relieve the stress or worry.

Certain protective stones like Labradorite, smoky quartz, or Tourmaline can help to bring about more peaceful sleep for someone suffering from nightmares. The stones should be placed at the foot of the bed for optimum results.

Low Energy

If one is dealing with a lack of energy colored crystals such as yellow, orange and red can assist with increasing energy. The best results will come from the more vividly colored crystals like golden-yellow topaz, red garnet, and golden amber. Stones with deeper tones such as jasper, dark citrine, and Tiger’s Eye can help tremendously with motivation. Another effective method is to hold clear quartz crystals in each hand with the point facing up while also putting a piece of citrine on the solar plexus to re energize the entire system.


As with sleep issues, the crystal or stone used to alleviate headaches depends on the source of the headache. Turquoise, amethyst, or amber can be placed on the head or wrapped around it to relieve tension headaches. Migraines have been treated with Lapis Lazuli for hundreds of years with fantastic results.

An imbalance of energy between the head and solar plexus chakra may also produce headaches, this imbalance is normally caused by eating improper foods or stress. Utilizing stones like moonstone and citrine on and around the head  have been found to be effective in restoring balance for headaches accompanied by an upset stomach or headaches brought on by stress.

Problems with Concentration or Focus

Quartz can help to increase concentration by giving one more mental clarity, while carnelian helps to clear the mind from too many thoughts. Memory can be stimulated by using stones such as amber and citrine. The multi-purpose Amethyst can also bring about greater mental clarity and assist one in focusing on goals that are realistic and achievable as well as helping in more clear visualization. For those having problems studying, fluorite can be used to balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Deeper blue stones like sodalite can help one to better understand specific ideas and concepts as well as assist in better communication.

Mental and Emotional Issues

For those with emotional blockages, crystals can help to bring peace and tranquility by either wearing them or carrying them in your pocket or even in a pouch around the neck. They can also be employed by crystal healers placing the stones in specific healing layout.

As green has long been known to be a color that promotes healing there are many green crystals that can be utilized to lessen nervousness or mental stress. Green Jade has long been valued in The Orient due to its ability to bring focus to the mind and help calm the nervous system.

The emotions can be cleansed and detoxified by using rose quartz or blue lace agate. Emotional balance and stability may be increased by opal while amethyst focuses on hormone production, balancing emotions, and helping with focus and control. Mental burdens and stress can be relieved by amethyst as well as helping with focusing on goals. A negative state of mind can be reversed with amber, which also helps to balance the endocrine system and the emotions.

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