Gold Tiger Eye Tumbled Stone - Sedona Crystal Vortex - Acceptance of Different Viewpoints, Balance Between Extremes, Bright, Confidence, Crystals, Eases Stubborness, Eliminates the Blues, Encourages Fairness, Internal Conflict, Mental Clarity, New Ideas, Optimistic, Stone of Vitality, Tiger Eye, Tumbled Stones

Yellow Tiger Eye Tumbled Stone


Tiger Eye: Stone of Vitality. Brings balance between extremes, helps resolve internal conflict, good for mental clarity and confidence, eases stubbornness and encourages fairness, opens the mind to new ideas and acceptance of different viewpoints, bright and optimistic - it eliminates the blues

****Tumbled stone might vary slightly from the photo above. You will receive your stone of choice approximately the size that is stated for this stone. Each stone sold separately. If the quantity is 1, you will receive 1 tumbled stone, etc. 

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