Carnelian Tumbled Stone - Sedona Crystal Vortex - Carnelian, Crystals, Dispels Apathy, Dispels Fear, Gives Courage, Love of Life, Motivates for Success, Positive Life Choices, Protects Against Envy, Rage, Resentment, Restores Motivation, Restores Vitality, Stabilizing, Trust Your Perceptions, Trust Youself, Tumbled Stones

Carnelian Tumbled Stone


Carnelian is a member of the Chalcedony family and commonly found in several countries including Brazil, Germany and Indonesia.

  • It balances and promotes a healthy reproductive system
  • A great stone for young women and those going through hormonal shifts  as it soothes PMS while elevating the mood and helping you appreciate your body
  • Helps to release any feelings of anger or resentment
  • Enhances self esteem and trust in one’s self and his or her perceptions
  • Promotes courage and positive life choices

****Tumbled stone might vary slightly from the photo above. You will receive your stone of choice approximately the size that is stated for this stone. Each stone sold separately. If the quantity is 1, you will receive 1 tumbled stone, etc. 

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