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Orange Calcite & Sodalite Pendant


Orange Calcite is found in Canada, Mexico and South America. This joyful relaxing stone in a cheery color is a great one to have in your home or give as a gift for someone who has a new home as it cleanses negative energies out of the environment and heightens positive energy in your space!

  • Helpful in reducing mental chatter and obsessive thinking
  • Stimulates sexual vitality and clears any past pain one may hold in the lower chakras
  • Reminds us of our own natural happiness and inner peace
  • A great stone for anyone at any age!


Sodalite in found in locations around the world including British Columbia, South America and Romania. It is known to boost the immune system and help one overcome calcium deficiencies.

  • A great stone for mental performance
  • Calms a stressed- out nervous system
  • Helps calm an overactive mind and provide focus on mental stability
  • A great gift for someone with a stressful job where they must use their intellect over their feelings
  • Can be held or worn to access insight into a complex problem


5cm long

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