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Ammonite Whole Large Form


Ammonite is a 65 million year old fossil. Nowadays, ammonite fossils are often found in most sedimentary rocks from the Devonian to Cretaceous periods, and outcrops of these rocks can be found in mountains and sedimentary basins. Such outcrops include quarries, sea coasts, river shores, deserts, canyons and even underground cellars.

  • Symbol of family happiness and long life
  • Stimulates creativity, energy,
  • Intellect and the ability to create wealth
  • Balances body, soul, and surroundings.
  • Creates stimulus to architects and those in the field of construction.
  • Gives stability and structure to one's life

*The piece shown is only half of an Ammonite. If you would like to purchase the other half please click here.

*Stand included.

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