Citrine Beaded Bracelets

Citrine Beaded Bracelets


Citrine is found in many countries including Brazil, France, Russia and Spain. This warming energizing stone never needs clearing and is also known as the Stone of Prosperity and Manifestation!

  • Stimulates digestion and negates kidney and bladder infections
  • Improves blood circulation, detoxifies your body and improves digestion
  • Fills the aura with golden light and stimulates the solar plexus for boosting confidence and will power
  • Beneficial for removing destructive tendencies
  • Helps activate creativity and enhances individuality while allowing you to be less sensitive to criticism
  • It has been used by home owners in the process of selling their home and is great for problem solving

*Please note that each bracelet is made from a natural occurring stone, so the colors and patterns may vary slightly from product to product.

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