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Green Calcite Raw Form

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Large deposits of Green Calcite are found in a few countries including Africa, Australia,Brazil and Mexico. It is known to give one balance in the body, heart, mind and spirit.

  • Add to the bath for cleansing the aura. It is also helpful in soothing arthritis and strengthening the bones
  • Great for people suffering from ADD and can be kept in your pocket or worn around the neck
  • Detoxifies the meridian system
  • Soothing to children and is a welcoming energy for the home
  • Clears negativity around the solar plexus and hara line

****Tumbled stone might vary slightly from the photo above. You will receive your stone of choice approximately the size that is stated for this stone. Each stone sold separately. If the quantity is 1, you will receive 1 tumbled stone, etc. 

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