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Garnet and Pink Opal Pendant


Different types of Garnet are found in different locations around the world. Red Garnet is found in India. This very warming and stimulating stone inspires passion, boldness, courage, vitality and stimulates life force energy within the body!

  • It is helpful to lift depression 
  • Purifies and rejuvenates the blood, heart and lungs
  • A stone of healthy sexuality and fertility
  • Aids in flushing the body of toxins and maintaining strong circulation
  • Promotes a monogamous and stable marriage


Pink Opal

This relatively rare gemstone is found in Australia and Peru. It is also known as cherry opal and often used for headaches.

  • Awakens vital energy and passion while enhancing the imagination
  • It is used to activate the root and sacral chakras 
  • Known to clear blockages in the psychic center


3.5cm long

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