Moldavite & Peridot Pendant
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Moldavite & Peridot Pendant


Sterling Silver Moldavite & Peridot Pendant

Moldavite is found near the Vltava River in Czech Republic. Is a crystal of high energy and was formed over 15 million years ago when a meteor hit the Czech Republic. Many people feel the energy of Moldavite as a rush or pulsing feeling in their palm, heart area or crown of head.

  • Great for treating gout, eye issues and respiratory tract conditions including asthma
  • Protects against mental degeneration
  • Treats allergies and rashes due to modern chemicals and pollution
  • Meditating with Moldavite can be an amazing experience as it opens the crown chakra to a higher vibration and quickly aligns the chakras
  • It is a very powerful energy and best taken in small doses slowly increasing the time you spend with the stone. Once you have your own experience with Moldavite you will understand more about this stone

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