Green Opal Raw Tumbled Stone

Green Opal Raw Tumbled Stone


Green Opal

One of the many beautiful varieties of Opal, a stone that can act as a filter to bring new perspectives, Green Opal, marked by its calming, moss-like texture can help us to see clearly through chaotic thoughts and rediscover a world full of wonder and beauty. 

What is Green Opal?

Green Opal is a variety of common Opal mixed with Nontronite, a lovely pale green mineral which creates a beautiful lime color, spotted with crystal surfaces.

Green Opal Properties

Metaphysically, Green Opal is considered a cleansing and rejuvenating stone; harnessing both Wood and Water energies, Green Opal is a stone for cleansing energy and supporting health, prosperity, and abundance. 

Green Opal Healing Use

Whether you struggle with racing thoughts or are hoping to address painful or uncomfortable memories, Green Opal’s soothing water elements can help to balance your emotions as you work to confront and organize your thoughts. By connecting the heart and third eye chakras, Green Opal supports us in learning how to act with both thought and feeling. For anyone who feels ruled by emotion or closed off from emotion, Green Opal can gently join the heart and mind to help us grow.

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