Smoky Quartz Palm Stone - Sedona Crystal Vortex - Absorbs Electromagnetic Smog, Antidote to Stress, Cramps, Crystals, Detoxifies, Detoxifies All Levels, Dissolves Negative Emotions, Dissolves Negative Energy, Fear of Failure, Grounding, Hips, Legs, Negative Emotions, Negative Energy, Pain Relief, Palm Stones, Smoky Quartz, Strengthens Back, Strengthens Lumbar Region, Strong Link with Earth

Smoky Quartz Palm Stone


This transparent gem is found in locations around the world including Australia, Brazil, Colorado and Mozambique. It is  regarded as a super antidote for stress on all levels

  • Great for those dealing with depression, addictions, obsessions and fears
  • Particularly good for pain relief of hops, legs, lower back and dissolves leg cramps when massaged with a palm stone
  • Dissolves negative energy and anger projected at you from others

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