Fancy Jasper Pendant - Sedona Crystal Vortex - Blocks Psychic Attacks, Chronic Health Problems, Fancy Jasper, Jewelry, Positive Future Plans, Procrastinate, Select Pendants, Self-Discipline, Stimulates Creativity, Worry Less
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Fancy Jasper Pendant


Fancy Jasper Sterling Silver Pendant

This beautiful stone with unique patterns is found mainly in Africa and Brazil. It is known as a stone of gentleness and relaxation.

  • In mystical healing it is said to be good for the liver, gallbladder and soothing to the stomach
  • Professed to enhance one’s ability to relax and bring tranquility, comfort, wholeness, healing and gentle endings
  • Known to be particularly good at bringing energies of wholeness and healing to an environment or situation
  • A good protection stone

Fancy Jasper "Polychrome":  helps you deal with the difficulties of life. encourages us not to procrastinate. helps us to make positive plans for the future. alleviates chronic health problems. helps us to worry less. stimulates creativity and self-discipline. protects us from psychic attacks.

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