Lace Agate and Peach Moonstone Pendant - Sedona Crystal Vortex - Awareness, Enhances Patience, Friendliness, Happiness, Heal from Loss, High Priestess, Hormones, Improve Communication, Intuitive Powers, Jewelry, Lifts Moods, New Beginnings, Patience, Protection for Travelers, Reduces Grumpiness, Relationship Harmony, Select Pendants
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Lace Agate and Peach Moonstone Pendant


Lace Agate and Peach Moonstone Sterling Silver Pendant

Lace Agate: Helps emit and accept friendliness and happiness thus reduces grumpiness. Helps to improve communications between you and your spirit guides. lifts mood. Helps to heal from loss and grief.

Moonstone is found in many locations including Brazil, Madagascar and Sri Lanka. It is known as a feminine stone that connects to ancient rituals and moon ceremonies

  • Stone of new beginnings
  • A stone of the High Priestess
  • Enhances intuition and connects one to lunar energy and the Goddess
  • Can be used for protection when traveling
  • Beneficial to the Solar Plexus and  Sacral chakras

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