Mary Ellen Jasper Tumbled Stone - Sedona Crystal Vortex - Clarifies Blood, Clears Negative Energies, Crystals, Encourage Honesty with Oneself, Encourages Honesty, Ideas into Action, Mary Ellen Jasper, Negative Energy, Quick Thinking, Relieves Anemia, Tumbled Stones

Mary Ellen Jasper Tumbled Stone


Mary Ellen Jasper: Eliminates negative energies, clarifies the blood, relieves anemia, encourages honesty within oneself, promotes quick thinking, brings ideas into action, physical energy, stamina, helps healing rashes and disease. Use for protection, luck and success.

****Tumbled stone might vary slightly from the photo above. You will receive your stone of choice approximately the size that is stated for this stone. Each stone sold separately. If the quantity is 1, you will receive 1 tumbled stone, etc. 

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