Rainbow Moonstone Tumbled Stone - Sedona Crystal Vortex - Cleansing, Crystals, Energy of Full Moon, Feminine Wisdom, Goddess Stone, Harmony, Healthy Optimism, Inner Peace, Psychic Perception, Rainbow Moonstone, Stabilizes Emotions, Strengthens Intuition, Tumbled Stones, Uplifting
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Rainbow Moonstone Tumbled Stone


Rainbow Moonstone is found in many locations including Australia, Madagascar, Mexico and The United States of America. It is a great stone for stabilizing one’s emotions.

  • Helpful for those suffering from old emotional wounds and emotional stress
  • Heightens intuition and brings peace and harmony when you wear it
  • It stimulates awakening of the Rainbow Body
  • Also known as the Goddess Stone and is uplifting while protecting the wearer against psychic attacks. This fragile stone will turn grey or dull when it has been absorbing negative energy directed toward the wearer

****Tumbled stone might vary slightly from the photo above. You will receive your stone of choice approximately the size that is stated for this stone. Each stone sold separately. If the quantity is 1, you will receive 1 tumbled stone, etc. 

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