Read reviews from our amazing customers from around the world and discover more about why Sedona Crystal Vortex is a top destination for visitors from around the world. Come for the crystals, come back again and again for the welcoming, healing energy of our two Sedona locations and our reiki-infused web store.

Great selection on stones and crystals. Professional personal and service.

Birgit T. Avatar
Birgit T.

I had a psychic reading done by Concetta, I was always skeptical of these types of things but I am a firm believer now and walked out with a while new outlook on life!

Meghan S. Avatar
Meghan S.

Lots to look at. Good deals and great views

Angie D. Avatar
Angie D.

5 star ratingGreat Crystals Nice store great collection of crystals. Knowledgeable staff. I picked out several crystals based on the explanation cards. I took pictures of each so I would know what they were. When I went to check out the very nice lady matched up the rocks with cards... read more


Went to sedona for a soul searching retreat and was introduced to Judy. She is an amazing psychic whom I continue to connect with now while im back home. Her kindness, warmth and knowledge made me feel so at ease. I would recommend to... read more

Jill P. Avatar
Jill P.

5 star ratingBeautiful Stones This shop has many affordable items. Lots and lots of small stones at normal prices. I’m very happy with the pendant I purchased. My husband asked why I didn’t purchase a chain for it!


5 star ratingThe spa This was one of the most relaxing massages I’ve ever had in the way that Kamin tended to my body I have no words. The energy there felt amazing. She even got rid of my back pain from a stress muscle. I highly recommend this place.... read more


5 star ratingReading by MaryAnn We had an excellent couples reading by Mary Ann. She utilized cards which we picked using multiple decks. The reading was very accurate in the assessment of ourselves and our relationship. She also cleansed our vibrational energies with a tuning fork. It was very enlightening. I... read more


5 star ratingCrystal Clear I have stepped into quite a few crystal shops in Sedona and my favourite experience has to be at Sedona Crystal Vortex (Portal). The staff are friendly and knowledgeable. I would really like to commend Jonnas who was extremely patient and willing to share what she... read more


Very friendly staff. Always willing to help out. Wonderful assortment of Crystals and Jewelry. Lil high priced but that's Sedona for ya!

Lauri A. Avatar
Lauri A.

5 star ratingAura reading Crystal Vortex in Sedona has a really good selection of crystals and knowledgeable staff that is very helpful. I would HIGHLY recommend getting an aura and reading with JUDY. You can call and find out when she will be in the store. She gave readings to... read more


Knowledgeable, friendly staff. We went twice. The second I was surprised by the cutest 3 pound chihuahua. It made my day!

Tonya T. Avatar
Tonya T.

positive review Loved the huge selection of stones and crystals as well as jewelry and other pieces! Prices were reasonable as well and very friendly ladies!

CoachRowan M. Avatar
CoachRowan M.

Most beautiful place on earth that everyone should visit.

Ben M. Avatar
Ben M.

Great selection and genuinely nice service

Amy G. Avatar
Amy G.

5 star ratingGreat place The shop is gorgeous with a vast array of gemstones and jewelry. I had a reading with Judy and was blown away. She immediately picked up on what I wanted to know with an incredible rate of accuracy. I am no stranger to psychic/intuitive readings and... read more


Great customer service and a wonderful selection of crystals and jewelry right in Uptown Sedona. In addition to purchasing a bracelet, I did an aura photo session and two readings. I liked getting the comprehensive print-out with my aura photo and I really enjoyed the two... read more

Kristina P. Avatar
Kristina P.

Really cool crystal shop. My second visit tonsedona and had to come back!!

R S. Avatar
R S.

5 star ratingAmazing crystal shop!! Staff was so knowledgeable and there was a HUGE selection of crystals!! I bought a few beautiful pieces for my little collection.

Pamela B

Nothing else like it around
Only in Sedona or CA
Loved this place.

Ana B. Avatar
Ana B.

4 star ratingVery nice Helpful staff, browsing encouraged. Beautiful crystal and other gift items for sale, I selected the perfect birthday gift for my sister. Nice to bring her something from Sedona.


5 star ratingWow! This is a MUST! I have never really been to a crystal shop before, so I was nervous and somewhat hesitant prior to walking in to the store. I was so blown away by the positivity of both the store and the employees that my husband and I were... read more

Kelsey P

I had the pleasure of a reading with Jenna a couple weeks ago! She was amazing! Such a high vibration and inner beauty! I have been listening to my recording of the reading frequently, and get something new each time! Truly worth it! Brightest blessings Jenna,... read more

Shelly S. Avatar
Shelly S.

positive review I had the pleasure of a reading with Jenna a couple weeks ago! She was amazing! Such a high vibration and inner beauty! I have been listening to my recording of the reading frequently, and get something new each time! Truly worth it! Brightest blessings Jenna,... read more

Shelly S. Avatar
Shelly S.

5 star ratingPeaceful shop Stopped in here to look at crystals. Peaceful little shop in the center of town. Staff was helpful and friendly. Plenty of crystals to choose from. They even do aura readings.

TammySchoof Avatar

4 star ratingExcellent reading by Taerie, great selection of crystals Sedona Crystal Vortex has 2 locations very close to each other. One offers aura photos. I had a reading from Taerie Gillan along with an aura photo. I wasn't particularly moved by the aura photo (but you might be). However, Taerie's reading was excellent. She was... read more

Marcia S Avatar
Marcia S

5 star ratingWorth a visit! While recently in Sedona, we visited both locations of Sedona Crystal on two different days. We found the items to be very nice and the staff to be extremely helpful. (Laura-at one of the locations- had a very good knowledge of the different crystals).... read more

udpt82 Avatar

5 star ratingBook a Reading with Taerie! Receiving a Reading from Taerie is an amazing experience and I highly recommend working with her. I have worked with other psychics in the past and Taerie is one-of-a kind. I went to Taerie to gain an understanding about the death of a dear friend.
read more

LoftyPine Avatar

I like this place but because Sedona is a center for healing arts and attracts many tourists, the stones are overpriced.

The aura photos are reasonable at $30 but almost everything in this area seems overpriced. It's a great place to stop but the only downfall...
read more

Hum W. Avatar
Hum W.

I like this place but because Sedona is a center for healing arts and attracts many tourists, the stones are overpriced.

The aura photos are reasonable at $30 but almost everything in this area seems overpriced. It's a great place to stop but the only downfall...
read more

Hum W. Avatar
Hum W.

I met with the energy reader Judy today and she was amazing. She picked up on details no one else would have known. She gave me insight on my lifes purpose. Highly recommend you see her.

Light s. Avatar
Light s.

Lots of beautiful items. Reasonable prices. Wide variety of stones, even ones not usually seen.

Sara C. Avatar
Sara C.

As an intuitive healer and body worker over the past seventeen years, rarely do I allow anyone to work on me. That is until I met Kamin. This experience was by far one of the absolute best! Upon my return to Colorado huge... read more

PainXpert -. Avatar
PainXpert -.

5 star ratingAllyn and Duncan were very nice and I loved their energy! I loved all the gemstones, however, I thought they were pricey. Allyn gave me a chakra reading which was very interesting and she gave me a brief healing, cause I was feeling low energy. Afterwards, I felt better and I enjoyed talking with both... read more

Dianasmoot Avatar

5 star ratingVery Beautiful Crystals and People! We went in here to see psychic person without appointment, and we had Taylor for the reading. She only had a little bit of time, but she was super nice and gave us a lot of information. Thank you so much! (it was actually earlier than... read more

hanamericana Avatar

Very knowledgeable and kind. Beautiful store and people 👌

summer g. Avatar
summer g.

4 star ratingBeautiful selection of gems Tourist jewelry store with a wide variety of gems. I love matching sets and found many items I loved. Prices may be a little high, but typical of a tourist town. I’m very happy with my purchase.

maryrT4664CI Avatar

5 star ratingGet your rocks here! There are several similar stores around Sedona and I think we went into all of them before we stumbled onto this store. Filled with great stones and helpful information, we bought about two dozen different rocks to bring home, one of our favorite souvenirs from... read more

gabi_kansas Avatar

5 star ratingHuge selection of top quality crystals, gemstones, jewelry. Knowledgeable staff. Great! This is my favorite store for gemstones, crystals, jewelry and gifts. They have a large high quality selection; and the staff is professional, friendly and can answer all your questions. I also had one of the best massages in my life from Kamin. More

djwatercolor3 Avatar

An amazingly customer friendly place. The way they interacted with my daughter who loves rock was just great. It has left a very positive mark and a warm memory. Certainly a highlight of our Arizona trip.

Reshma R. Avatar
Reshma R.

We had a psychic & tarot card reading done here and the lady was extremely kind and knowledgable! Would recommend!

Judy Avatar

We had a psychic & tarot card reading done here and the lady was extremely kind and knowledgable! Would recommend!

Judy Avatar

5 star ratingFun shop! This is the friendliest of the several stores of its kind in Uptown Sedona. Whether you are a believer or a skeptic, you can have a fun time here. Our group of two couples interacted with every staff person on duty at the time, and they... read more

Gerry963 Avatar

Amazing selection of rocks and crystals, very friendly staff, and we found exactly what we were looking for.

Anna P. Avatar
Anna P.

Crystal Hangings Thank you very much for the wonderful hanging which arrived safely today ! It is beautiful !!! The quality is superb. No wonder I wanted it ! Many Thanks xx

Josephine Cook Avatar
Josephine Cook

5 star ratingWonderful Shop!!! So many beautiful stones and the associates are very helpful and knowledgeable. I make sure I visit this lovely place every time I am in Sedona:)

Fuschia40 Avatar

5 star ratingAmazing place Knew coming to Sedona I wanted to stop in this store. With the vortex near by the stones are radiating energy. My husband whom is not that interested even said yes I could feel it. The staff is amazing and helped me both find what I... read more

TessU10 Avatar

I thought, as a collector they were way over priced. They did have a great assortment. There were some rare items, I bought them. But paid way too much. Though it seemed the Tories loved it

Demetria D. Avatar
Demetria D.

5 star ratingExcellent store We stopped in to look at crystals and have an auro reading. Both women at the store was knowledgeable and helpful. Both woman listened to us and helped us with our purchases. They were very welcoming and warm. Talking with them was an experience in itself....they... read more

Lin P Avatar
Lin P

5 star ratingGreat little gem store Lots to look at . We learned a lot about stones and gems while we were there. Staff super friendly. Sure we bought something!

David S Avatar
David S

4 star ratingLovely! Crystal Vortex has two locations within a few storefronts of each other. The biggest one is on the edge of Sinagua Plaza. The location is so very convenient. Although "readings" are available, we were shopping for jewelry items which we found here in abundance. A majority... read more

on_the_go_98765 Avatar

Our couples reading with Concetta was awesome. As she explained it is more of an intuitive reading than a fortune telling. It was kind of like going to a super great therapist healer who could tell you more about your relationship in half an hour than... read more

Niki F. Avatar
Niki F.

5 star ratingPhone Reading I had a phone reading yesterday with Concetta to help me with an ongoing problem. She was so kind, compassionate, and spot-on with my concerns. Since talking with her, I feel better than I have in months. Thank you, Concetta!

azcathy54 Avatar

5 star ratingGreat selection Staff was friendly. Store was beautiful. Highly varied selection. Prices reasonable. They offer packs of unpolished crystals for $10 and highly unique items for thousands.

Iluvabug Avatar

4 star ratingCrystals We did our shopping on our last day in Sedona and took some time in this store. The Sedona Crystal Vortex had a lot of unique crystals and jewelry.

lollygal Avatar

Warm friendly people above a lot of the shops in Sedona for quality, amount of stock and price.

Betty G. Avatar
Betty G.

So much cool stuff! I want it really nice people. What a beautiful place, can't wait to go back

Susie L. Avatar
Susie L.

Staff was incredibly welcoming and friendly. Had a reading with Concetta and she was so spot on accurate. I am amazed and so pleased. She was great and a pleasure to talk to. Would absolutely recommend!

Sara R. Avatar
Sara R.

Amazing staff! What a great place to have your questions answered, and to explore things known and unknown.

Julie P. Avatar
Julie P.

Best selection of crystals, minerals, and gemstones in Arizona! Lots of variation in price too--for example, if you don't want to buy a large piece of Bismuth for 12$, you can get a medium piece of 6$ or a small piece for 3$. Really great shop.

Vie B. Avatar
Vie B.

The staff is amazing and very helpful. The quality of their quartz crystals are amazing. They're breathtaking and the energy coming from them are extremely powerful. I'm a Healer and I find when you wear their pendants they work very quickly.

Celest K. Avatar
Celest K.

A MUST place to visit! Excellent quality crystals, knowledgeable staff, excellent massage and other modalities! Kamin, pronounced, "Kuh-meen" provided me with the crystal vortex experience treatment. It was a reading and then an intuitive massage. It was phenomenal! She listens, she is warm, safe, soft in nature and tone, compassionate, supportive,... read more

Amy M. Avatar
Amy M.

Beautiful store with a lot of amazing products. I did a 30 minute reading with Melissa and she was amazing. I would highly recommend her if you're looking for an accurate and detailed reading. Excellent customer service with the staff was very appreciated!

Stacie B. Avatar
Stacie B.

I love my necklace that I bought at Sedona Crystal Vortex! The owners provide excellent service.

Terrie A. Avatar
Terrie A.

Great experience

Meryll K. Avatar
Meryll K.

Muy buen lugar para encontrar los que necesitas .

Blanca B. Avatar
Blanca B.

I live out of state, but try to make it to Sedona at least once or twice a year. It's honestly my favorite place. Anyway, is always seen Vortex in passing, or on Facebook, etc. I just got home from a trip there a week or... read more

Gregory L. Avatar
Gregory L.

My daughters and I have never been to a psychic or had any kind of reading...until today! We stopped in and received a very warm welcome entering the store. We ended up sitting all together for a reading with Concetta. Thank you Concetta for a fun... read more

Tina C. Avatar
Tina C.

Beautiful Store. The manager April took great care of us!

Kathi N. Avatar
Kathi N.

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