Our international staff of Psychic Readers is genuine, caring and ethical. A reading with any of them is about empowerment, finding answers and insights that inspire us to grow and reach for greater fulfillment in life.

What concerns most people are the everyday issues of life as well as its greater mysteries. Often we are too close to our situation to see the big picture.

A Psychic Reading with one of our professional and highly accurate psychic readers can make a difference.

All our Psychic Readers are also available for phone readings.

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Sedona Psychic Reader

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Concetta has assisted more than 10,000 seekers during her 12 years of doing Intuitive Consultation in Sedona. She works closely with your guides and angels to help you know why you are here and what themes that you, as a soul, are currently working on. Whether you want to know how to live a more meaningful life or how to have a more significant relationship with your partner, children, co-workers or even yourself, Concetta will be able to tell you what your guides’ wisdom is. ANY question you have is welcome!

The insights you receive will give you a better sense of peace and a stronger sense of purpose in your life!




Sedona Psychic Reader

Psychic Readings with Judy
• Intuitive Energy Readings
• Spiritual Counseling
• Clearings
• Questions and Answers

With Unconditional LOVE, I connect to the energy of your light-body to bring messages to help you on your spiritual journey.

I am a certified Healing Touch Practitioner. This is a powerful way to explore a deeper sense of peace within your own body. I am a light-body Energy Reader that helps you center, ground and really know who you are on a deep soul level.



Sedona Psychic Reader

Psychic Readings with Gina
• Psychic Readings

• Reiki Energy Treatments

• Shamanic Energy Healing Ceremony

• Energy Clearing

Empowered through Divine Love, Winged Energy Healer Gina, is in-service to the Global Community in answer to the call from the small inner-voice that asks her to assist others in their spiritual journey.

Ella Rose

Ella Rose

Sedona Psychic Reader

Psychic Readings with Ella Rose
• Psychic Readings

• Tarot Card Readings

• Angel Card Readings

• Reiki Energy Sessions

• Past Life Clearings

Angelic Clearings of Blocks/ Negativity


Ella Rose is an intuitive clairvoyant who has extensive experience in providing people with help, especially toward embracing a deeper understanding of the things going on in their life’s journey.

Her unique connection with others provides greater compassion, empowerment and solace.



Sedona Intuitive Reader

Intuitive Readings with Heather
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• Question – Answer Session

• Life Path Readings

• Psychic Advise

• Astrology Consultations

Heather is a tarot practitioner and astrology consultant who can help you understand what’s going on in your life and what you can do to achieve your soul’s highest potential.

Whether through tarot or birth chart consultation, she answers personal questions and let’s you know what’s up ahead to look out for.



Sedona Psychic Reader

Psychic Readings with Alexandre
• Tarot Card Readings
• Lenormand Deck Readings
• Clairvoyant

Channeled Messages from your Higher Self!

Quick, Fun answers to Life’s Questions

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20 min $40  /  30 min $60  /  45 min $90  /  60 min $120  / 90 min $180

5 star ratingPhone Reading I had a phone reading yesterday with Concetta to help me with an ongoing problem. She was so kind, compassionate, and spot-on with my concerns. Since talking with her, I feel better than I have in months. Thank you, Concetta!

azcathy54 Avatar

Our couples reading with Concetta was awesome. As she explained it is more of an intuitive reading than a fortune telling. It was kind of like going to a super great therapist healer who could tell you more about your relationship in half an hour than... (Read More)

Niki F. Avatar
Niki F.

I met with the energy reader Judy today and she was amazing. She picked up on details no one else would have known. She gave me insight on my lifes purpose. Highly recommend you see her.

Light s. Avatar
Light s.

5 star ratingCrystal Clear I have stepped into quite a few crystal shops in Sedona and my favourite experience has to be at Sedona Crystal Vortex (Portal). The staff are friendly and knowledgeable. I would really like to commend Jonnas who was extremely patient and willing to share what she... (Read More)


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