What is a Vortex and Where Can I Find Them in Sedona?

What is a Vortex and Where Can I Find Them in Sedona?

What is a Vortex in Sedona?

Sedona Vortexes | Sedona Crystal Vortex

Vortexes can be found in various locations across the globe, but what exactly are they? If you are at all familiar with the Vedic system of healing you will know that the human body has several chakras, or energy centers, the main seven of which run down the length of the etheric body corresponding to the spine.

These chakras are often described as wheels or discs which spin with energy. In effect they create a spinning vortex, which draws in new energy and disperses the old or stagnant vibrations that may have accumulated in that area.

Chakras | Sedona Crystal Vortex

The Planet also has chakras, and in some sites on the Earth’s surface it is possible to feel the energies as they swirl and circulate in much the same way as our bodies’ chakra vortexes do. It is believed that the Heart chakra of Mother Earth is located in Glastonbury, in the South West of England and Sedona, Arizona is home to at least four more of these amazing natural phenomena.

The power of the energies in vortex sites is palpable and the boost it can give to your mental, physical and spiritual well-being can be quite remarkable. Many people report profound feelings of healings and peace after accessing one of the sites, and the natural beauty of the surrounding area is truly breathtaking.

Vortex Spot - Cathedral Rock in Sedona, Arizona | Sedona Crystal Vortex

Where are the Sedona Vortexes Located?

There are four major sites of vortexes in Sedona:

Cathedral Rock

Bell Rock

Boynton Canyon

Airport Mesa

Many visitors also claim that the site of the Chapel of the Holy Cross is a vortex spot.

Vortex Spot | Chapel of the Holy Cross | Sedona Crystal Vortex

How Can Vortex Energy Affect You?

Vortexes are constantly emitting healing energies and vibrations. The natural forms of trees and plants seems to be twisted into different shapes in these spots, and visitors report that their whole body tingles when they encounter the energies of a vortex.

As far as anecdotal evidence goes there does not appear to be a downside to exposing yourself to the energies of the vortexes, although if you are a particularly sensitive person you may want to employ your own shielding techniques if you feel it is necessary.

Meditating with Vortex Energies | Sedona Crystal Vortex

Vortex Energy can affect you in many ways. It can increase feelings of joy, contentment and physical well-being enormously. The energies of the vortex can also allow you to access sources of inner wisdom that have remained dormant or buried in your unconscious mind for a very long time. If you are interested in past life regression, the energies of the vortex can enable you to revisit former incarnations and to bring back with you the learning you acquired in previous lives. Vortex energy can add an extra dimension to any meditation or manifestation work you may wish to perform as the clear, powerful vibrations of the vortex can sweep away doubts, fears and negative thought processes if you allow them to.

Cleansing and Charging Crystals at Vortexes is Sedona, Arizona | Sedona Crystal Vortex

Visitors to the vortex sites often use the energies to cleanse and charge their crystals. The vibrations from the red rocks, and the heightened power of the vortex itself can cleanse your crystals of any negative vibrations they may have absorbed.

Lying prone on the rock is a lovely way to spend some time recharging and clearing your chakras, and many people claim to have increased their biofield energy as much as tenfold by performing this simple ritual.

Lying Down at the Vortex Spots in Sedona, Arizona | Sedona Crystal Vortex

This article has done no more than scratch the surface of the incredibly powerful, versatile and beneficial healing properties of the Sedona Vortex energy, but we hope that you are now curious enough to pay us a visit!

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