How to Set Intentions with Energy Stones

Crystals and energies work in tandem, with each stone carrying various natural properties in need of activation. Immense potential lies beneath these powerful stones, you just need to know how to tap into them.

When setting intentions with energy stones, it's important to be clear on what your goal is. However niche or broad your goals may be, trust in your crystals to guide the way by starting with a simple intention.

While there’s no set “process” you need to follow, these are a few steps to kickstart your intention session:

Focus on the energy you wish to fuel. It could be love, luck, abundance, or plain joy. Research properties associated with the multitude of crystals to discover which best aligns with your needs, and let intuition pull you to the right stone. 

Communicate with your chosen crystals. With your stone held close, clear your mind and define your intention. Be specific with what you wish to attain and connect with the energy flowing from your crystals.

Show gratitude and stay connected. End this ritual on a thankful note and keep your crystals close, whether worn as jewelry or placed in your living space. Every time you catch a glimpse, let it be a regular reminder of your set intentions.

Rituals for Cleansing Energy Stones

The relationship between an energy stone and its owner is rooted in spiritual healing. A crystal is said to absorb any emotional imbalances, storing or redirecting that negative energy elsewhere. So, they need to release this hoarded energy to perform at peak potential.

Here are a few cleansing practices to consider when your energy stones need restoration:

Water Cleansing: Like us, certain stones just need a good cleansing bath. Water acts as the neutralizer of any negative energy your crystals hold. Rinse your stones under running water or soak them in a bowl, before patting them dry after a minute or so. This method works best for harder stones like Amethyst and Rose Quartz, but avoid water cleanses if you're dealing with softer stones such as Selenite or Malachite. 

Moonlight: While sun rays also work as a cleanser, moonlight is gentler, making it the perfect ritual for crystals of any texture or density. Leave your energy stones outside or on your windowsill, and allow them to bathe under the moonlight overnight for maximized purification (though a few hours will work too). 

Smudging: This age-old cleansing ritual utilizes smoke from sacred herbs, such as sage and palo santo, to clear the negativity from your stones. Ensure you are smudging your stones near an open window or outdoors so the unwanted energy has somewhere to disperse. Gently move your stones through the smoke, leaving them enveloped for about 30 seconds.

Sound Cleansing: This ritual relies on intentional, reverberating sounds from a tuning fork, bell, singing bowl, or even our most natural instrument — your chanting voice. Allow these vibrations to cleanse each stone, inviting new energy into your crystals quickly and effectively.

Other Crystals: Gemstones such as Selenite and Clear Quartz are known to be "self-cleaning" and are particularly useful when your other stones need a vibrational refresh. Place these stones on (or under) those in need of purification. As long as they're making direct contact, allow them to interchange energies however long needed.