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Every stone has a unique origin story and specific healing benefits. Find the stone that speaks to you and explore the items we have available in that stone. If you can't find what you are looking for, feel free to call us in the store and we will be happy to help you find what you're looking for.

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Each stone has a little information about where to find it around the world. Additionally, the benefits are listed.

Please Note: This is for informational purposes only and not meant to diagnose or treat any medical conditions. 


Amber is found in many places around the world from Alaska to Madagascar however most of what is used for jewelry is harvested from deposits located in the Dominican Republic, Baltic Region of Europe and Burma.

  • It is known to stimulate the body to heal itself
  • It is known to absorb negative energy and protect against psychic attacks
  • Opens the heart chakra


Amethyst is found globally especially in Brazil, Canada Mexico, South Africa and the United States of America. The name of this beautiful gemstone originates from the Greek word amethystos which means ‘not drunken’ as the stone was considered an antidote for drunkenness.

  • A popular healing stone used for those seeking sobriety
  • Often used for meditation and for those looking to open up their own spiritual intuitions
  • Enhances the dream state, making dreams lucid and vivid
  • Helpful in transmuting negative energy
  • Opens the crown chakra

Apache Tears

Apache Tears are a form of Obsidian and their story goes back to a small band of Apache Warriors who were fighting against Western Calvary and found themselves surrounded while standing on the edge of a cliff. Instead of being killed by the sword of the Calvary they chose to sacrifice themselves and jump off the cliff with their horses. When the women of the tribe heard the news they cried with grief and their tears turned to stone upon hitting the ground. It is said that Apache Tears are covered in salt when one finds them. 

  • A popular stone for grief, loss, sadness and pain
  • Helpful in releasing any pain or memory that is no longer serving us


The name Apophyllite is derived from the Greek worked apophylliso which means ‘it flakes off’ and refers to minerals of this class that tend to flake apart when heated due to water loss. This beautiful healing stone of high vibration is known to harness the power of ancient molten lava streams while having the ability to stimulate your pineal gland!

  • Helpful with improving concentration and considered one of the best stones for maintaining an optimistic attitude
  • It soothes anxiety and helps to relieve stress. Having it in your home can bring about a sense of peace and serenity
  • Most often used as a meditation tool while acting as a window into another world of inter-dimensional travel
  • A tool for bringing guardian angel energy into the home


This precious blue gemstone is found in many countries including Afghanistan,Brazil and Nigeria.     It is also known as The Breath Stone and used to alleviate sinus, lung and respiratory conditions.

  • Known to heal and balance issues of the throat, teeth, eyes and jaw
  • Helpful for emotional stability especially when one is afraid to speak their needs and desires
  • Creative stone and often used in meditation as it known to quiet the mind and reduce stress
  • It is used to interpret emotions that are beneath the surface and need to be understood and accepted


Aventurine is found in many countries including Austria, Brazil and Chile. It is a variety of translucent quartz and comes in many colors including green,peach, brown and blue!

  • It is very good for healing past love pain and opens one to new love and relationships
  • It is often called the Stone of Optimism and encourages the wearer to be lighthearted and open to new things
  • Known to protect against pessimistic and negative people while often worn in the pocket as a shield against negative thoughts especially if they are directed toward the wearer
  • Encourages one to trust in their heart’s dreams and desires


This naturally occurring wonder is found is several countries around the world including China, Mexico and Peru while the largest deposits are found in Bolivia. Bismuth is said to attune with all of the chakras in addition to the following qualities:

  • Help to quell feelings of being overwhelmed
  • Stimulate vitality and energy
  • Encourage cohesiveness in relationships and group settings 

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is found in many places around the world including Africa, Brazil, Pakistan and the United States of America. This powerful grounding stone is highly recognized as a talisman for protection from psychic attacks and clearing negative thoughts.

  • Encourages a positive attitude and increases physical vitality
  • Great for putting next to computers, routers or wearing on your body to minimize harmful EMFs
  • Known to protect one’s psychic energy field and may be placed next to the bed if you are experiencing disturbing dreams or night entities


Bloodstone is cousin to Agate, Carnelian, Jasper and Onyx. It is found in Australia, Brazil, China, The Isle of Rum in Scotland and The United States of America. It is historically known as one of the oldest stones on the planet and has been used by warriors for centuries for protection.

  • It has been used to cleanse and purify the blood and any blood disorders
  • It is used to block your own psychic impressions or psychic feelings if they are unwanted
  • It shuts down the psychic centers allowing you not to be distracted by external influences
  • A very good grounding stone and was used by Druids in magical ceremonies to protect against evil spirits

Blue Calcite

Blue Calcite is found only in a few places on earth including Mexico and South Africa. It is also called The Stone of Negotiators and Meditators while known to promote peaceful agreements under stressful situations.

  • Traditionally used for relaxation and recuperation from broken bones or surgery
  • It calms the nerves and lessens physical pain
  • Promotes speedy healing
  • It is a great gift for someone who has had trauma in the throat area from this life or a past life

Blue Goldstone

Goldstone is man-made and was invented in Venice Italy in the seventeenth century. This beautiful stone consists of quartz sand glass infused with copper particles. The glass color in Blue Goldstone is caused by the chemical element cobalt. 

This beautiful blue stone is known to transmit healing energy and associated with the Heart and Crown chakras

  • It is known to sooth migraines and visual problems
  • Great for attracting success and bring better job opportunities
  • A wonderful stone for children as it teaches us to reach for the stars!

Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate was discovered in Namibia South West Africa. It is regarded by some as a stone of communication as it is said to help those who have difficulty being heard by others. This beautiful stone is also said to have the following qualities:

  • Promote inner stability and improve concentration
  • Counteracts the repression and suppression of one’s feelings
  • Open and clear the Throat Chakra 

Blue Tiger Eye

Blue Tiger Eye is a naturally occurring phenomenon and found in different locations all over the world including Brazil, Canada, India and Namibia. This striking stone ranges from mid to dark blue with reflective bands of green or grey.  

  • Cools an overactive sex drive and dissolves sexual frustrations
  • A very good stone for relieving stress and fatigue 
  • Enhances psychic abilities and brings focus when dealing with day to day practical matters

Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz is part of the Imperial Topaz family and  found in Brazil, China, Nigeria and Sri Lanka. It is also called the Writer’s Stone and known to bring clarity to the written word. 

  • Great for alleviating tension in the neck, shoulders and throat
  • Aids in releasing anger and resentment in addition to accepting one’s real feelings and honoring them
  • Strengthens the imagination 
  • Translates truth and depth into words

Botswana Agate

Botswana Agate is mainly found in the Bobonong district of Botswana. It is famed for the extra fine banding of white, black, shades of grey and occasional shades of pink!

  • It is often used for those who are battling addictions, mainly cigarettes
  • You can keep one in your pocket as a reminder to look for solutions rather than dwelling on problems
  • Helps to release emotional repression and enhances creative expression
  • Botswana Agate provides a sense of security and feeling that everything is going to be okay
  • Stimulates the Crown chakra


Carnelian is a member of the Chalcedony family and commonly found in several countries including Brazil, Germany and Indonesia.

  • It balances and promotes a healthy reproductive system 
  • A great stone for young women and those going through hormonal shifts  as it soothes PMS while elevating the mood and helping you appreciate your body
  • Helps to release any feelings of anger or resentment
  • Enhances self esteem and trust in one’s self and his or her perceptions
  • Promotes courage and positive life choices


Celestite is named for its occasional delicate blue color and found all over the world although the pale blue crystals are found only in Madagascar.

  • Particularly helpful when placed children who are prone to night terrors and nightmares
  • Brings deep peace and helps create harmonious atmospheres
  • Invokes guardian angel energy and regarded as the most effective stone to assist one with reconnecting with loved ones who have passed on
  • One can use this stone to align energetic bodies and enhance psychic perceptions


Chalcedony is found in many places including Brazil, Egypt, Iceland and The United States of America. It is a nurturing stone that promotes brotherhood and good will in addition to absorbing negative energy.

  • Relieves fever, gallstones and eye problems
  • Instills a feeling of benevolence and generosity
  • Alleviates hostility and transforms melancholy into joy
  • Absorbs and dissipates negative thoughts, emotions and bad dreams
  • Brings the mind, body, emotions and spirit into harmony while easing self- doubt


Charoite was named from the Chara River in the Sakha Republic in Siberia Russia and forms from limestone due to the process of contact metamorphism. This beautiful stone has an almost tangible movement of energy flowing in magnificent swirls of violet, lavender and purple. It is known to be a stone of transformation as it transmutes negative energy into healing energy!

  • Great for soothing the nerves and regulating blood pressure 
  • Embodies a unique synthesis between the Crown and Heart chakras
  • Opens spiritual guidance for the future
  • Brings high spiritual energy into union with unconditional love from the physical plane and grounding it here on Earth where it is needed most
  • Known as one of Nature’s best dream stones and illuminators allowing access to lessons learned in past lives and healing emotional fears to live in the present


Chrysocolla is a hydrated copper mineral and comes in a variety of shades including deep blue, cyan, blue green , blackish blue, brown and sometimes yellow. It is found in many places around the world including the Bacan Islands,Chile, New Mexico and Utah. Native American cultures regarded Chrysocolla as a healing stone and was used to strengthen the body’s resistance to illness and emotional duress.

  • Promotes emotional balance, healing for the thymus and throat allowing one to release sadness, grief and fear from the emotional body
  • Often called the Stone of Harmony as it relieves nervous tension and eases fear coupled with anxiety and guilt
  • Very helpful for women to connect the goddess within and heal from any past abuse in the body, emotions or mind


Chrysophrase is the rarest and most valuable gemstone in the Chalcedony family. It is found in many places around the world including Arizona,California, Indonesia and Western Australia. This beautiful green stone is also known as the Stone of Joy!

  • Increases fertility and activates energy in the body
  • Reduces feelings claustrophobia
  • Helps encourage joy and feelings of connection to oneself.It is a good stone to keep in your pocket for recent heartache and loneliness 
  • Heals and balances the Solar Plexus chakra
  • Blocks nightmares and helps one with restlessness and promotes peaceful sleep


Citrine is found in many countries including Brazil, France, Russia and Spain. This warming energizing stone never needs clearing and is also known as the Stone of Prosperity and Manifestation!

  • Stimulates digestion and negates kidney and bladder infections
  • Improves blood circulation, detoxifies your body and improves digestion
  • Fills the aura with golden light and stimulates the solar plexus for boosting confidence and will power
  • Beneficial for removing destructive tendencies
  • Helps activate creativity and enhances individuality while allowing you to be less sensitive to criticism
  • It has been used by home owners in the process of selling their home and is great for problem solving

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is found in many locations including The Alps, Brazil and Madagascar. It is said to have the following qualities:

  • Stimulate the immune system
  • Enhance psychic abilities
  • Have the ability to cleanse, activate, open and align all chakras 

Cobalto Calcite

Cobalt Calcite was first discovered in the Tuscany Italy at the Calamita mine and can be found in many places including Australia, the Congo, Morocco and Switzerland. It is known as The Stone of New Beginnings as it restores motivation and accelerates growth and development

  • Amplifies and cleanses energy from the environment
  • Raises consciousness, links to higher spiritual states and awakens psychic abilities
  • Absorbs energy and returns it to the sender transmuting and amplifying it
  • Cleanses the auric field and chakras

Dalmation Jasper

Dalmation Jasper is typically found in Mexico and has an energy known to bring about childlike joy and a sense of playfulness to one’s life! The black spots are spots of Black Tourmaline so it embodies the energy of this stone and will aid you in spiritual grounding and protection

  • Helpful in overcoming depression, nightmares and negative thinking
  • Aids one to break down barriers that they have created as personal protection
  • The stone’s vibration helps one to release lack of trust in others while relieving the need to take revenge on anyone who you feel has done you wrong
  • Allows you to move forward in life and discover your true purpose for being here


Danburite was first discovered in Connecticut however most is found in Characas and San Luis Potosí Mexico. This stone is most beneficial spiritually and emotionally. It is known for having  powerful light and energy while often used in meditation and prayer.

  • It can help release one from grief, fear, anxiety, resentment and anger, especially when worn
  • Sleeping with one next to the bed can help with lucid dreaming and astral travel
  • A stone of angelic communication and can be placed under the pillow at night to help reduce mind chatter

Desert Rose

Desert Rose is a type of Selenite formed from a combination of water, wind and sand. Sand becomes embedded in selenite blades while water washes it and over time forms beautiful rosettes! It is found in deserts around the world including  Afghanistan, Australia, Saudi Arabia and Tunisia.

This rejuvenating Stone has a high vibration. It is recognized as an Angelic Stone and  Stone of the Mind. It is helpful for strength in affirmation and meditation.

  • It is helpful for the spine and aligning it properly
  • Helps to bring mental ability and clarity.  It is used in crystal healing to quiet worries and help still the mind from distractions and disruptions
  • Great for charging and clearing other crystals when placed around it
  • Metaphysically, Desert Rose is used to dissolve “programs” we have put upon ourselves that are outdated or over-used.
  • Especially nourishing for the Sacral chakra


Emerald is found throughout the world while the principal deposits are currently mined in Brazil, Columbia and Zambia. It is known as a stone for love and loyalty.

  • Improves vision and helps detoxify the liver
  • Enhances the ability to enjoy life to the fullest
  • It is said to strengthen one’s character to overcome any problems or misfortune in life
  • Brings domestic bliss, enhances friendship and unconditional love

Fancy Jasper

This beautiful stone with unique patterns is found mainly in Africa and Brazil. It is known as a stone of gentleness and relaxation.

  • In mystical healing it is said to be good for the liver, gallbladder and soothing to the stomach
  • Professed to enhance one’s ability to relax and bring tranquility, comfort, wholeness, healing and gentle endings
  • Known to be particularly good at bringing energies of wholeness and healing to an environment or situation
  • A good protection stone


Fluorite is found in places around the world including China, Colorado, France and South Africa. It is known to be one of the best stones for healing and great for children as well!

  • It can be very helpful in relieving headaches, especially when placed at the base of the head or massaged gently on the temples
  • Good for the respiratory tract and beneficial in combating flu, colds and sinusitis
  • Combats inflammation and is known to assist with balance and coordination
  • Recommended for mental clarity and can help emotional wounds
  • It draws off negative energy and stress


Different types of Garnet are found in different locations around the world. Red Garnet is found in India. This very warming and stimulating stone inspires passion, boldness, courage, vitality and stimulates life force energy within the body!

  • It is helpful to lift depression 
  • Purifies and rejuvenates the blood, heart and lungs
  • A stone of healthy sexuality and fertility
  • Aids in flushing the body of toxins and maintaining strong circulation
  • Promotes a monogamous and stable marriage


Goldstone is man- made by melting sand, copper, feldspar and other minerals in a low oxygen reducing atmosphere. It is known as a gentle uplifting Stone with energizing and revitalizing qualities.

  • Good for the stomach and Solar Plexus
  • Helps to encourage a positive attitude and individualism 
  • Helpful stone for channelers and mediums

Green Calcite

Large deposits of Green Calcite are found in a few countries including Africa, Australia,Brazil and Mexico. It is known to give one balance in the body, heart, mind and spirit.

  • Add to the bath for cleansing the aura. It is also helpful in soothing arthritis and strengthening the bones 
  • Great for people suffering from ADD and can be kept in your pocket or worn around the neck
  • Detoxifies the meridian system
  • Soothing to children and is a welcoming energy for the home
  • Clears negativity around the solar plexus and hara line

Green Moss Agate

This beautiful green stone is found in locations around the world including Australia, India and The United States of America. It is known as a spiritual stone and resonates a lovely heart based vibration that most of you will find useful to have in your life. Excellent qualities include grounding of excess spiritual energy down through the base of the earth chakra to Mother Gaia!

  • May assist you in correcting imbalances between the two sides of the brain 
  • The vibration of this stone brings you strength and courage while helping to lessen fear and stress
  • May aid one in attracting nature spirits


Gray hematite is mainly found in mineral hot springs or places that can have still standing water. It is known as one of the best stones for grounding the emotions and anger as it is cool, calming and balancing.

  • It has a powerful connection to the blood and can purify, restore and soothe any blood conditions
  • Place under pillow to relieve any sleep disorders, especially combined with Howlite and Lepidolite
  • A good stone to help you with coming to terms with issues from the past and brings attention to any unfulfilled desires you may have in life

Herkimer Diamond

These special crystals are only found in the area of Herkimer New York. They amplify whatever stone they are around and are particularly useful in work sessions. They radiate a beautiful pure crystal light and attract angelic guidance.

  • Eliminates stress and tension from the body
  • It is said to support vision correction or healing of the eyes
  • They help in clearing the energy field around one’s body and transforming negative energy into light


Howlite was originally discovered in Canada however is found in locations around the world including Los Angeles, Germany and Turkey. It is known as a Stone of Patience and helps to relieve anger.

  • A great stone for stilling the mind and for meditation
  • Place it under your pillow at night to help with insomnia
  • It is a beneficial stone in accessing one’s past lives and lessons
  • Useful for out of body experiences by gently grounding you back into your body


Hypersthene is found in the Ariondack Mountains of New York, Canada, Labrador and Quebec. This grounding and soothing gemstone is an excellent aid in deep meditation and profound inner reflection.

  • It calms without drowsiness and can be effective in situations of stress where one needs to remain alert and express one’s self clearly
  • Arranges both energy and thought in a more organized manner so that we can have a clearer idea of the way forward and realize solutions to problem
  • It is known to take you on journeys into other dimensions of consciousness and traveling beyond limitations of body and mind
  • Connected to Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Solar Plexus and Base chakras


Iolite is found in locations around the world including Brazil, Burma and Madagascar.

These beautiful blue violet crystals are a variety of the mineral Cordierite and regarded as stones of vision.

  • May stimulate the imagination and this may aid in their use as shamanic stones
  • A third eye chakra stone which produces an electrical charge when in contact with one’s aura in turn strengthening the entire auric field and etheric body
  • The energy of this gemstone will aid the process of connecting with angels and will take you to a higher level spiritually


Jade is found in many locations around the world including China, Guatemala, the Swiss Alps and New Zealand. It symbolizes balance and nourishment. It is also believed to bring good luck and fortune. 

  • Known to help the kidneys and may be placed in your water to make a gem elixir
  • Opens one to compassion to all beings
  • It is helpful to free one from anger, selfishness and greed
  • A stone used for bodhisattvas and those attracted to Kwan Yin energy


Jet is fossilized driftwood and found mainly in Yorkshire England, Spain and The Aude Region of France. It is known for clearing the aura of impure energies and regarded as an important stone for the medicine bag.

  • Helps to ease headache pain directly behind the eyes and used to treat migraines
  • and is a wonderful grounding stone 
  • A wonderful grounding stone that has intense purification and protection properties
  • Helpful for those experiencing an overabundance of negative energies and emotions and has traditionally been used as a stone to alleviate grief. In addition it helps the victim of negative vibes to understand their original purpose and the lesson to be learned
  • Can be used to cleanse other crystals by placing them in a bowl with several smaller pieces of Jet

Kambaba Jasper

Kambaba Jasper is a unique volcanic stone that is only found in Madagascar. It is known as a Stone of Peace and Tranquility imbued with the nourishing green energy of Nature. The slow steady frequency of this stone expands one’s ability to focus.

  • Calms and relaxes troubled minds while restoring balance in the body and spirit
  • A remarkable aid in meditation granting the release of negative thoughts and feelings
  • Allows a path for clarity and serenity to flow


Kunzite is found in many locations around the world including Australia, Canada, Pakistan and Southern California. This stunning gem is pure in energy and joyful in nature. It comes in shades from the palest pink to light violet hues. 

  • Connects the heart to the mind while stimulating a healing communion between the two
  • Encourages one to release walls built around the heart for protection and to be receptive to the experience of unconditional and abundant love
  • Re-balances the heart chakra

Blue Kyanite

Blue Kyanite is found in locations around the world including Austria, Brazil, Burma and Italy. It  is a very popular stone for cleansing other crystals of energies they have absorbed.

  • Opens the heart to allow one to reach out to others for help
  • Helps one to open up to love again after experiencing loss
  • Teaches forgiveness and self-forgiveness
  • Helpful in aligning the chakras and has a strong calming and clearing effect. It is especially helpful when placed between the heart and navel chakra


Labradorite was first discovered on Paul’s Island in Labrador of Northeast Canada. It has since been found in locations around the world including Finland, Madagascar and Russia. It is known as a stone of protection and transformation while often worn to protect the wearer from negative influences.

  • Treats eye and brain disorders, balances hormones and lowers blood pressure
  • Stimulates one’s imagination
  • Enhances intuition and psychic gifts 
  • This stone has the ability to connect one to angelic realms while strengthening faith and trust in the universe

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli originates from…and has been used for centuries in Greece as the original Evil Eye which mirrors any negativity, jealousy or envy being directed at you.

  • Alleviates insomnia and all types of headaches
  • Holding Lapis can help relieve stress and overcome depression
  • Prevents negative thoughts from becoming karmic patterns
  • It is best to use in combination with Amethyst to calm down the intensity of this stone


Larimar is a rare blue variety of Pectolite and found only in the Caribbean. It is also known as the Dolphin Stone as it holds a childlike energy of playfulness!

  • Helpful for cartilage and throat conditions
  • Dissolves blockages in the head, neck and chest
  • Brings Serenity and relieves stress related illnesses in addition to high blood pressure
  • Great for stress relief as it brings serenity
  • Useful in cooling hot tempers and is connected to the water element

Lemurian Seed Quartz

The history of this special quartz crystal goes back to Lemuria which is said to be an ancient civilization that existed before the Atlanteans. This group of individuals lived in a high vibration with compassion, love and feminine grace and were said to be telepathic beings. These crystals are known as “seeds” of Lemurian consciousness. 

  • Meditating with these crystals can bring about a deep sense of love and connection
  • Rapidly expands one’s consciousness while radiating a sense of peace
  • It is one of the best stones to use when connecting with the Divine Feminine

Lepidolite Mica

Lepidolite Mica is a lithium rich mineral. It is found in locations around the world including Brazil, Japan and Russia. It is known as A Stone of Transition as it helps one move forward into the future by tuning into thoughts and feelings from other lives that are creating a blockage in one’s present life.

  • Assists with the release and reorganization of old behavioral patterns while gently inducing change
  • Brings deep emotional healing, soothing and is used for reducing stress and depression
  • Dissipates negativity and insists on being used for the highest good
  • Activates the Throat, Heart and Third Eye chakras
  • Facilitates astral travel and accesses the Akashic Record


Luxilianite is a rare form of granite that contains tourmaline. It is found in Cornwall of The United Kingdom and regarded as an extremely grounding stone. 

  • Beneficial for those who suffer from extreme stress and tension or those with suicidal thoughts
  • Instills us with a more positive attitude towards life and promotes self-confidence while stopping us from feeling like one of life’s victims
  • Helps us to see the ‘big picture’ of life and to see things in a much clearer and rational ways while helping us let go of skepticism 
  • Helps us to find new exciting  and sometimes unorthodox ways in which we can attain goals we have set for ourselves 
  • A strongly protective stone against negative energy and may also help with deflecting spells and ill wishing

Libyan Glass

Libyan Glass is also known as Desert Glass or Great Sand Sea Glass and found in areas of  Eastern Libya and Western Egypt. The history behind this rare tektite goes all the way back to ancient Egypt where this unique mineral was used for weapons, tools and amulets. 

  • Great for anxiety relief
  • Provides better mental powers and focus
  • A powerful tool in helping one realize their full potential and is known to amplify one’s will, manifestation and creative powers
  • The powerful energy of this Stone resonates with Third Eye, Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras 
  • It embodies the vibration of the golden ray and connected to Archangel Jophiel
  • May be used as a psychic shield and helpful for those who do not feel like they belong to this earth


Malachite is found in locations around the world including Australia, Arizona and New Mexico.  It is known as one of the best stones for detoxification and healing the physical body.

  • Stimulates liver and is best worn sparingly due to its intense detoxifying nature
  • Commonly used for protection from radiation and electromagnetic pollution
  • Clears all of the chakras and helps one release negative experiences
  • Fills the aura with positive energy and repels negativity
  • Assists with receiving insights from your subconscious mind


Moldavite is found near the Vltava River in Czech Republic. Is a crystal of high energy and was formed over 15 million years ago when a meteor hit the Czech Republic. Many people feel the energy of Moldavite as a rush or pulsing feeling in their palm, heart area or crown of head.

  • Great for treating gout, eye issues and respiratory tract conditions including asthma
  • Protects against mental degeneration
  • Treats allergies and rashes due to modern chemicals and pollution
  • Meditating with Moldavite can be an amazing experience as it opens the crown chakra to a higher vibration and quickly aligns the chakras
  • It is a very powerful energy and best taken in small doses slowly increasing the time you spend with the stone. Once you have your own experience with Moldavite you will understand more about this stone

Mookaite Jasper

Mookaite Jasper is found in Western Australia in the Kennedy Ranges near  Mooka Creek which is inspiration behind the name! These earthy stones come in a range of beautiful colors and embody beneficial energy to slow aging. They will help change your perception and outlook on the whole aging process as this is beneficial to slow aging in the body!

  • Helpful to assist healing and may be utilized by placing one under the pillow for long term or in a gem elixir 
  • Restorative for tissue deterioration of the internal organs
  • Encouragers one to explore possibilities in a challenging situation 
  • Stimulates the Root chakra


Moonstone is found in many locations including Brazil, Madagascar and Sri Lanka. It is known as a feminine stone that connects to ancient rituals and moon ceremonies

  • A stone of the High Priestess
  • Enhances intuition and connects one to lunar energy and the Goddess
  • Can be used for protection when traveling
  • Beneficial to the Solar Plexus and  Sacral chakras

Multi Tiger Eye

Multi Tiger Eye is found in locations around the world including Australia, Burma and Spain.  It  is regarded as The Stone  of Action.

  • Attracts luck and money
  • Helps with planning a new project
  • Teaches perseverance in life’s difficult changes


Obsidian is a black lava glass stone and found in areas of the world that experience volcanic activity. These locations include Argentina, Chili, Greece and The United States of America. It is known to be a powerful cleanser of psychic smog created within one’s aura. 

  • Brings emotional stability while promoting self control and self awareness
  • It clears energy blockages and is useful in clearing mental confusion
  • Blocks negative energies
  • Resonates with the Root chakra

Ocean Jasper

Ocean Jasper is found in Madagascar along the northeast coast. It is known to aid in a more positive way of communication.

  • Great for anyone practicing any form of breath work
  • Helpful for those who need to accept responsibility of their own actions and increases patience
  • Takes the edge off competition and rivalry at work or school
  • Resonates with the Heart chakra






Onyx is found in locations around the world including Argentina,Latin America and Yemen. It is said to increase one’s ability to achieve financial goals and promote longevity in business.

  • Enhances concentration and focus
  • Helps one to feel safe and loved while it promotes a feeling of being protected by light and being watched over by angels
  • Especially useful in removing entities and preventing spirit possession
  • Channelers, Mediums and Psychics will often keep this in their pocket for protection
  • It is used as a personal power talisman


Opalite is a man made variety of glass with a unique shine. It is typically found in Australia, Brazil and Tanzania while said to have the following qualities:

  • Improve communication on all levels
  • Remind us to be optimistic
  • Open one’s Third Eye Chakra 

Orange Calcite

Orange Calcite is found in Canada, Mexico and South America. This joyful relaxing stone in a cheery color is a great one to have in your home or give as a gift for someone who has a new home as it cleanses negative energies out of the environment and heightens positive energy in your space!

  • Helpful in reducing mental chatter and obsessive thinking
  • Stimulates sexual vitality and clears any past pain one may hold in the lower chakras
  • Reminds us of our own natural happiness and inner peace
  • A great stone for anyone at any age!


Payson Diamond

A rare and beautiful quartz crystal found near the mountains outside of Sedona with brilliant clarity.  These beautiful gems occasionally form double terminations and Amethyst tips.

  • A stone of high vibration
  • Used in Healing, Meditation and Prayer

Peacock Ore

Peacock Ore is also known as Bornite. It is actually oxidized copper and found in Canada, Mexico, South Africa, The United States of America and Zaire.

  • A stone for those who need help in trusting what they see physically
  • It is a useful in long distance healing
  • It is known as the stone of happiness and helps you to experience the joys of life!
  • A great stone for manifesting and visualizing one’s future and personal dreams

Peanut Wood

This particular form of petrified wood comes from regions of Western Australia and has an interesting history. It was formed during the Cretaceous Period with the help of Marine Clams that had a taste for wood and created boreholes that eventually sank and collected plankton, shells and sediment that hardened over time. This fascinating gem- fossil is regarded as a Stone of the Earth. It is perfect for use after an especially heightened meditation for sake of re- grounding

  • Great for calming hyperactive children
  • Helps calm and balance teenagers who are going through emotional and confusing stages
  • Will help one focus at the right times on the more physical and earthy changes in life
  • Very good for the Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras


Peridot is found in countries around the world including America, Brazil, Norway and South Africa. This beautiful green gem is regarded as a stone of prosperity and abundance!

  • It supports detoxification of all organs of the body and is a happy warm energy
  • Helps one take responsibility for their life and life choices
  • Brings loving relationships to the wearer
  • It is also used to balance the connection between the heart and solar plexus chakra

Petrified Wood

Petrified Wood is found in locations all around the world including Argentina, Arizona,Belgium and Canada. 

  • A great stone for people with Attention Deficit Disorder or need help focusing, concentrating, setting goals and completing a project they have already started
  • Helpful when one needs to be practical, center their thoughts and take appropriate actions in addition to helping connect one with their higher purpose
  • Helps with overcoming survival based fears and is often used for accessing past life memories 

Pink Opal

This relatively rare gemstone is found in Australia and Peru. It is also known as cherry opal and often used for headaches.

  • Awakens vital energy and passion while enhancing the imagination
  • It is used to activate the root and sacral chakras 
  • Known to clear blockages in the psychic center


Prehnite is found in several locations around the world including France, Germany, Italy and New Jersey. It is regarded as a stone of wellness and helps with stress reduction.


  • It helps to access feelings that everything will be okay
  • A great stone for alleviating nightmares, night terrors and fears while it is a very helpful tool for dream recall
  • Prehnite along with Apophylite and Stilbite are synergizing stones that enhance Reiki energy for the giver and receiver. You can keep them altogether in your pocket during a healing session
  • It has been used to connect people to mermaids, water devas and dolphin energy



Pyrite is found in many locations around the world including Arizona,  Colorado, Italy and Spain. It helps with confidence, memory, logic, metal stability and intelligence.

  • A very popular stone as an energy shield and protects the wearer from danger
  • It helps those who are channeling high frequency energy by helping them ground themselves
  • Stimulating to the Solar Plexus chakra

Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow Moonstone is found in many locations including Australia, Madagascar, Mexico and The United States of America. It is a great stone for stabilizing one’s emotions.

  • Helpful for those suffering from old emotional wounds and emotional stress
  • Heightens intuition and brings peace and harmony when you wear it
  • It stimulates awakening of the Rainbow Body
  • Also known as the Goddess Stone and is uplifting while protecting the wearer against psychic attacks. This fragile stone will turn grey or dull when it has been absorbing negative energy directed toward the wearer

Red Jasper

This brick red gem is found in locations around the world including Australia , Brazil, Indonesia and Russia. It is regarded as a stone for physical strength and natural vitality focusing on Qi energy

  • Improves the circulatory system and increases sexual vitality
  • Soothes any imbalance in women’s menstrual cycles and hormones
  • It is an excellent grounding stone and used to improve self-confidence, memory, endurance and stamina

Red Tiger Eye

Red Tiger Eye is mainly found in South Africa. It is known to rev up one’s motivation when needed.

  • It opens up one’s passion for life and stimulates an under-active  sex drive
  • It can help stimulate wealth and heals issues of self-worth
  • Connects the kundalini and hara energy lines in the body and increases the energy flow between the two


Rhodocrosite is found in many locations around the world including Africa, Argentina, Colorado and Spain. It is often called the stone of forgiveness.It is a stone that invites self-love, acceptance and compassion for oneself and others.

  • Encourages a positive attitude and heals emotional wounds of self- blame and guilt
  • Brings joy and promotes spontaneous self-expression
  • It can help to attract a soulmate


Rhodonite is commonly found in the Ural Mountains of Russia. It is also found in California, New Jersey and New South Wales. It is said to have the following qualities:

  • Aid in achieving one’s highest potential
  • Heals emotional shock and panic
  • Helps one to process energies in Heart and Root Chakras 

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is found in many Locations around the world including Brazil, India, South Africa and Sri Lanka. It is said to have the following qualities: •

  • Inspire an attitude of compassion and kindness
  • Help to improve the circulatory system
  • Aid in opening the shears Chakra 

Rutilated Quartz

Rutilated Quartz is found in locations around the world including Australia, Brazil, Kazakhstan and Norway. It is one of the best stones for healers, nurses, therapists and counselors

  • It has the ability to soothe dark moods and act as an antidepressant
  • Pulls negative energy off the patient or client while helping them release negative feelings without affecting the one supporting them
  • Promotes spiritual growth and energizes the aura


Sardonyx is found in many locations around the world including Brazil, Germany, India and Oregon. It is known as a highly protective stone that embodies a vibration of happiness, optimism and confidence

  • Helps boost self-control and level of personal power
  • A great stone for anyone studying or working on a job that requires mental discipline to focus on the task at hand
  • It has excellent metaphysical properties that encourage motivation, willpower, discipline and strength of character
  • This stone creates an excellent grounding action through the earth and base chakras. 
  • It brings you back to earth after spiritual work

Sedona Red Rock

Sedona Red Rock or Sedonalite is a very special rock is a powerful stone that rejuvenates and intensifies energy and is healing on all levels!

  • Promotes emotional healing by bringing suppressed emotions to the surface to be accepted
  • Connects one to their higher purpose


Selenite is found all over the world and Mainly in Mexico. It is similar to sage in crystal form and a popular stone to protect the home from negative energy.

  • It is great for insomnia
  • It relieves stress and promotes a peaceful atmosphere while soothing the mind of obsessive thoughts
  • It is a popular stone to protect the home from negative energies and may be placed in the corners of the home or individual rooms. The wand version of Selenite can be used as a sage stick to clear the auric field! 
  • This stone is connected to the moon and its name is derived from the mood goddess Selene. It loves to be charged up by light of the full moon rather than the sun


Saraphinite is only found in Siberia and is said to link the physical with the ethereal.

  • Energetically supports the heart and lungs 
  • Aids in detoxification and strengthens the liver and kidneys
  • Gently cleanses the heart chakra
  • Considered a highly angelic connected stone
  • This stone is connected to nature with all its beauty and a great meditation stone to connect with garden devas and fairy spirits

Shaman Stones

Shaman Stones are found on the north rim of the Grand Canyon and were also known as  Moqui Balls after the ancient Moqui Indian tribe (Northeastern Arizona). These stones have a magnificent grounding energy and are said to bring one back into the body after doing ceremony or having an intense meditation or shamanic healing session

  • It is suggested to hold one in each hand and they resonate with a male and female energy balance. This is said to feel extremely grounding and one can often feel a light tingling and warm connection to the wholeness of their body
  • They can help protect you against negative entities that can attach to your auric field during a shamanic journey

Shiva Lingam

Shiva Lingam stones come from Narmada River which is one of India’s seven holy rivers.  They are regarded as sacred stones of the Indian Hindu religion.

  • Stimulates the energy system of the entire body and will aid in the overall improvement of one’s health and well being
  • It will intensify the vitality and level of pranic energy within one’s body
  • This stone holds within it the feeling of unity and duality. Its vibration has a different action depending on where you place it


Shungite is only found in the Shunga Village located in Russia. This magnificent mineral is over 2 billion years old. It is composed mostly of carbon and the only known mineral to contain fullerenes which act as powerful long lasting antioxidants!

  • Increases vitality when worn or placed in water gem elixir
  • It is known to help with clearing dysfunctional patterns
  • Often used to protect against radiation and EMFs
  • Protects one from negativity and brings in spiritual light, acting as a truth serum and not allowing the one wearing it to say words that are not in alignment with their highest good
  • When placed in water this regenerative stone releases fullerenes which can be used to regain and preserve health and well being on all levels

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is a transparent gem is found in locations around the world including Australia, Brazil, Colorado and Mozambique. It is  regarded as a super antidote for stress on all levels

  • Great for those dealing with depression, addictions, obsessions and fears
  • Particularly good for pain relief of hips, legs, lower back and dissolves leg cramps when massaged with a palm stone
  • Dissolves negative energy and anger projected at you from others

Snowflake Obsidian

Snowflake Obsidian is a softer version of obsidian and found in locations all over the world including Italy, Scotland and The United States of America. It has grounding, balancing and purifying qualities.

  • Helps in detoxifying the body and mind
  • Often used for veins, bones, skin and eye health
  • Activates Root and Third Eye chakras
  • Brings beauty, purity and balance to the wearer or bearer of the stone


Sodalite in found in locations around the world including British Columbia, South America and Romania. It is known to boost the immune system and help one overcome calcium deficiencies.

  • A great stone for mental performance
  • Calms a stressed- out nervous system
  • Helps calm an overactive mind and provide focus on mental stability
  • A great gift for someone with a stressful job where they must use their intellect over their feelings
  • Can be held or worn to access insight into a complex problem

Starry Jasper

Starry Jasper is a combination of red, black and white Jasper with veins of a pyrite that give a  sparkly effect to the stone. It is regarded as a very protective and grounding stone.

  • Stabilizes emotions and clears mental stress
  • Encourages the body to release toxins and draws out impure thoughts from the mind
  • Helps one to accept and learn from important life lessons


Stitchtite is found in Australia, Canada, South Africa and Tasmania. This beautiful pink stone has a soft loving vibration and facilitates understanding and compassion for ourselves and others who may have been part of a past painful experience.

  • Stimulates feelings of love, compassion, forgiveness and healing of emotional distress
  • Aids in moving the kundalini energies up from base of the spine, through the entire body via the spinal column to the crown chakra and combines well with Green Serpentine and other stones that are used for this purpose
  • Has a strong effect on the Heart and Thymus chakras


Sugilite is found in many locations around the world including Australia, India and New South Wales. This beautiful violet stone is known as a powerful attractor for healing energies.

  • It is used to overcome feelings of despair and hopelessness while helping one to live in the present rather than living in the past
  • Helps one release old patterns that prevent a healthy relationship
  • Invites new love into one’s life
  • Great for opening the Crown chakra


Sunstone has been found in locations around the world including Southern Norway, Sweden and various parts of the United States…This translucent wonder connects to  vital energy of the sun and is known as a good luck stone.

  • The bright energy of this stone helps to lift dark moods and heal any emotional abandonment issues. 
  • It also removes hooks and cords that others have put into you from the past
  • Enhances independence and encourages you to nurture yourself


Tektite  The name comes from the Greek term ‘Tektos’ which means molten. It is a natural glass formed from terrestrial debris ejected from meteorite impacts. It is said to raise one’s vibration and strengthen the aura. It is also thought to encourage telepathy. 


  • Helpful in deterring night entities and may be put in the pillowcase 
  • It can help with lucid dreaming and astral travel.
  • Helpful during meditation to expand consciousness beyond current limitations and bring deeper insights into current situations or problems
  • Regular work with Tektite can activate and enhance psychic abilities
  • Those who consistently carry Tektite during spiritual work may begin to experience a thinning of the veil between dimensions

Tiger Iron

Tiger Iron is found in Western Australia. It is full of grounding energy and known as a powerful lower Chakra stone.

  • A helpful aid to those experiencing burn out in the emotional, mental, or physical levels as it promotes physical energy and vitality
  • Helps to find courage and refuge in times of danger and promotes a deeper connection to the earth and her cycles
  • A powerful lower chakra stone promoting physical vitality, energy and stamina


Turquoise forms best in arid climates and is found in such locations as Arizona, Chile, Egypt, Iran and Mexico. It is regarded as the stone of purification and has the ability to balance and align all of the chakras.

  • Turquoise is said to be great for your immune system. It is said that by putting the stone in a glass of water one can reap benefits from the charge it gives to the water
  • This beautiful stone is said to break when it has absorbed its fill of negativity
  • It unites male and female energy
  • Supports creative expression


Unakite is named after the Unaka mountain range of western North Carolina and East Tennessee where it was first discovered. It is also found in Brazil, China and New Jersey. This gentle yet powerful stone is known to stimulate healthy relationships through balanced emotions and is the stone most utilized for partnerships of all kinds. It is recommended to gift this stone to one’s business partner for promoting a harmonious relationship.

  • Helps with manifesting and making wise investments
  • Particularly good in a prosperity grid or on a manifesting alter
  • Helps to clear out any emotional blockages from the past that can block a harmonious relationship from forming
  • Activates the Heart and Third Eye chakras

Yellow Jasper

Yellow Jasper is found in locations around the world including Australia, Brazil Venezuela and Uruguay. This beautiful grounding stone is said to help one with attuning to nature and wildlife.

  • Stimulates the endocrine system and digestion and may be used in a gem elixir 
  • Especially good for accident prone and clumsy children
  • Helpful for scattered energies
  • Nourishing for the Heart, Solar Plexus and Sacral chakras

Yellow Tiger Eye

Yellow Tiger Eye comes mainly from South Africa and Western Australia. This beautiful stone was traditionally carried as an amulet against curses or ill-wishing. It is also known to give  one courage, self-confidence and strength of will.


  • Balances the brain so it may be of benefit to help those who are suffering from mental disease or with personality disorders
  • Aids harmony and balance
  • Helps one to release fear and anxiety
  • Unclouds emotions…Stimulates taking action and helps one to make decisions with discernment and understanding

Zoisite Ruby

Zoisite is found in locations around the world including Austria, Kenya, India and Tanzania. It is said to promote trans like and altered states of consciousness while keeping one grounded in the body.

  • Encourages recovery from illness and strengthens the immune system
  • Enhances trust in the Universe and brings out creativity
  • A great stone for those who are doing past life healing or past life discovery work

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